About Autoval Mobile Valeting (Back in the Day)

Prior to 1980 most professional valeters were employed by the larger garages, hire fleets and car auction houses around the country. The experience gained working in these environments enabled us to develop an impressive vehicle cleaning system. So impressive in fact, we formed a company that could freelance independently, offering its skilled workforce to all areas of the motor trade. This allowed smaller companies access to the professional valeting skills only previously available to the big boys. The large fleet operators loved us too, only needing to employ us when the rush was on and therefore keep a much smaller core of full time staff. Business boomed.   In 1980, due to an increased demand from companies outside the motor trade and some private individuals, we took the then bold step of opening a workshop in Hammersmith, specializing in just vehicle valeting. At that time few people outside the trade knew what professional valeting involved and had trouble understanding why we then charged a hefty £55 for what they perceived as a “Car wash”. Steadily business increased as more people appreciated the difference we could make to their vehicles. Word spread through the west of London quickly and we were soon rushed off our feet. Valeting cars for International companies, recording studios, chauffeur companies, rock stars, politicians, builders, Film & TV companies, celebrities, international models, stunt men and classic car collectors to name just a few. In fact all types of vehicles with owners from all walks of life.  Due to increased demand and the need to cover a larger area, Autoval moved partially back to its roots in 1995. Offering its vast experience and same high standard valeting system on a mobile basis to our existing customers in the West of London and also along the M3 and M4 corridors. Our core business is now mainly from the corporate and private sectors in these areas, as well as acting in a consultancy role to some of the larger fleet operators. We have a large base of regular customers and now enjoy the privilege of being trusted to taking care of some very special sports, vintage, classic, and prestige cars as well as our normal business.